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British female voice over
for home & lifestyle brands

Do you need a British female voice over
for your furniture or lifestyle brand?

Voice overs provide a unique opportunity for furniture companies and lifestyle brands to establish a strong identity and establish an emotional connection with their customers. A carefully chosen voice artist can convey the values, style, and essence of a brand, capturing the attention and imagination of potential buyers. Whether it's a luxurious and elegant tone for high-end furniture or a friendly and approachable voice for contemporary designs, the right voice can evoke the desired emotional response and help customers envision their dream home.

But voice overs go beyond branding. They play a crucial role in creating informative and engaging content for customers. By providing clear and concise product descriptions, narrating instructional videos, or offering helpful tips and advice, voice overs simplify the decision-making process and empower customers with the information they need to make informed choices. The right voice ensures that every customer feels supported and confident in their purchase.


Here are some examples of work I have completed for home furniture and lifestyle brands.

The Spice Tailor TVC

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