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Do you own your freelance fears?

As I sat quaffing Prosecco by the pool on holiday, a massive voice over job landed in my inbox.

Huge pay for not huge effort.

My thought process went something like this:

😁 Excitement that I’d landed a great job. As a freelancer, great jobs are never guaranteed

🙏 Gratitude that someone chose to work with me. As a freelancer, this a competitive field with some amazing talent out there

😰 Fear that the client may not wait for me to return from my holiday. As a freelancer, you have to be there and ready when the jobs come in

After googling for studios on this remote Greek island, I stopped and admonished myself. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

90% of my amazing clients have said they’ll wait for my return. Let’s see if this one will…

(UPDATE: I'm pleased to say, they did!)

#freelancefear #holiday #voiceover

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