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Great, gut-wrenching content.

When was the last time you were stopped dead in your tracks by an advert?

Left open-mouthed by the palpable connection you felt to some social media content?

Saying out loud: That could be me. That could literally be my life.

Dementia is a cruel disease. It strips every dignity from its host and denies families and friends the last few precious days and months of a loved one’s cognitive functions.

I feel qualified to comment; I watched the same bitter process with my dad a few years ago. Incoherence, incontinence and insularity became his regimen.

So it was with gut-wrenching familiarity that I came across one of the most powerful pieces of content I’ve seen for some time. Not only were the protagonists at the centre of what was my very own world just some years ago (minus the pregnancy), but the concept and eventual twist have left me feeling affected. Deeply affected.

It’s the very essence of what great content should be. My life played back at me; 'relevant' as they say. More than that though, it affected me, got into my head and toyed with my thought processes for quite some days to come.

I haven’t bought anything, donated or signed up for anything as a result. Some might argue that’s not the purpose of great content. But its innate shareability has helped shine a light on this terrible disease. And hopefully made those who watched it a little more thoughtful about the magnitude of what others are facing.

This piece, of course, didn’t need a voice over ; it stood up perfectly on its own ( I've since realised it's actually a short film which has been cut to create social media content).

But when you get the chance to voice great content, it’s a total dream. I recently had the honour of reading for a global anti-violence campaign. A film which also has a great concept and twist, and which was a delight to be involved with.

Again, nothing being sold. Just a reminder that we should all be a little kinder.

What great content have you produced or shared recently?

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