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Case Study: How adding voice adds impact

You have an innovative product. You have a great story, a great message and great footage. What does it take to reach your intended audience and make a real impact?

The REALRIDER® App is shown on a mobile phone screen

The REALRIDER® App is specifically aimed at people who ride motorbikes. If a rider crashes and can’t call for help, it delivers time-critical location & potentially life-saving health data to paramedics. With 90% of riders being thrown from their motorbikes, the app not only gives peace of mind; it can potentially prevent a tragedy.

The team behind the app embarked on a promotional social media marketing campaign, to raise awareness of the technology and increase the number of riders downloading the app. They had already filmed some impactful footage and had begun a script. But they needed some support with honing their message and the addition of a voice over to add impact.

I was delighted to help support the team, helping craft their already well structured script and recording the voice over that would be authoritative, yet reassuring and calm. The dramatic start of the film needed a more direct delivery to gain attention, and despite the serious nature of the piece, they didn’t want it to sound morbid.

The voice over was completed and delivered to the client within 24 hours. It was published on the company’s website and social media sites. On TikTok, it quickly gained traction.

Andrew Richardson, co-founder of Realsafe Technologies, stands with his bike
Andrew Richardson, co-founder of Realsafe Technologies

Andrew Richardson, co-founder of Realsafe Technologies, said:

The clip has been viewed 356,000 times on TikTok; the results speak for themselves, particularly the number of forwards and saves. Our install to subscribe rate is now tracking at 48.1%. It has been an amazing result that contributed to 3,600 installs of the app in 2 weeks!

There are many elements that can help achieve impact.

Undoubtedly, it starts with storytelling and a great script that conveys emotion. Dramatic footage and sound are important too.

And the right voice over, employing the right tone, pace and style of delivery will ultimately add to the way your audience perceives your product.

Client review:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This is the second time working with Emma and I have to say she absolutely delivered first time! We needed a script creating and voicing. The first read was so good we didn't need any alterations. In fact, it was so impressive it's given us ideas for further content. Thanks again Emma!

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