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Yesterday, my husband called me a machine.

When was the last time you asked for feedback about yourself?

Not the form-filling, 360-degree questionnaire type so favoured by the public sector. Not a client testimonial. Real, honest, raw feedback. From a real, honest friend.

Yesterday, on asking, my husband called me a machine.

A little shocked (particularly given the connotations that spring to mind in this world of AI), I asked him to elaborate.

He told me something I hadn’t really noticed before - that from the moment I open the studio door til dinner time, I don’t stop. Recording or editing, coaching or learning; I literally don’t stop.

It’s interesting he sees this as a positive, he sees me as strong, a force; he mentions colleagues also refer to me as a voiceover machine, in the best possible sense.

I’ve thought about it a lot over the past 24 hours. I know my work ethic has always been to work hard, stay late, put in the hours. But then it felt hard, felt late…

Now, it feels different; it’s self-affirming, it’s growing and evolving, it’s never pausing until I can say, with hand on heart, I did my best today. For me, my family. No-one else.

So if the benefit of feedback is to help one grow and change, this will. I will work even harder. Not longer, just harder. Using those hours to hone, be razor sharp, to be better.

How is real, honest feedback changing the way you work?

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