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Menu 1 | Phone Prompt


Menu 1 | Phone Prompt

  • Don’t lose your customers in the system! A clear menu improves the customer experience and enhances your business image. Need something different? Email to get a free change!


    If you know the extension of the person you wish to reach, please enter it now. Otherwise, please choose from the following options:

    To speak with a customer service representative, press 1

    To speak to accounts, press 2

    To leave a message, press 3

    To listen to our contact information, press 4

    To hear these options again, press zero

    To return to the main menu, press the hash key

Terms & conditions

For use on phone prompts only, other usage is strictly prohibited. This audio may only be used on 1 platform/phone system per purchase. Not for resale.

For more information on the rights of this audio or to request additional licensing please email

This product comes with a free 10 word personalisation on request. See your order confirmation email for details.

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