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Commercial voice over

Commercial covers a whole range of voice over styles, but all with the aim of converting viewers and listeners into buyers and clients.

With a background in commercial radio and TV, I know that time matters. Reading to time and delivering in as few takes as possible is part of my DNA. As a live news presenter, there are no second takes; while back-timing scripts to meet programme junctions is a skill that takes precision. It's a skill I still possess today, so you'll be working with someone who can not only deliver on time, but to time. 

There are many styles of commercial read; today's social media landscape and user-generated content means a conversational and natural read is more often requested than the hard sell. But whether it's a TV or radio commercial, YouTube bumper ad, or landing page video, you need a voice that can engage, inspire or motivate customers into action. 

As a full-time professional British voice actor, I've learned to interpret commercial copy and understand the intention behind your script. I've voiced hundreds of commercials in just as many roles - girl next door, mother, best friend, wicked stepmother - and in just as many styles - confident, caring, funny, bossy, scary and many more.  And, thanks to my continued voice over coaching with leading industry experts, you can be sure you'll be getting a voice over using the latest methods and techniques.

Emma Topping - Commercial Showreel 2023
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