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Corporate voiceover

Corporate Reel
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How your business sounds is as vital as its logo, branding and values.  Adding a British female voice over can elevate your content.

We all know how much time and money companies invest in branding; your logo, your colour palette and your values and even how your employees behave matters. But how often do you think about how your business sounds to others?

Is that on-hold answerphone message professional, welcoming and calm? Does it really represent how you carry out your business? How about your latest video content on your company's performance? Does that reflect your ethos and how you interact with others. It might be easy to miss, but the voice you choose to represent your company tells your clients everything they need to be able to form an impression of how you'll do business with them.

Whether your audience is C-suite executives, shareholders and stakeholders, or other companies and competitors in your sector, the right voice is vital. I've been working with corporates from across the world for decades and my RP/neutral British accent is perfect for instilling confidence in your clients.

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