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Voice overs:
Frequently asked questions about my British female voice over service

Whether you're new to working with voice actors, or you have some experience but want to know what exactly it would be like to work with me, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about hiring me as your next British female voice over.

You can also find out more about the process on my booking page.

What is a voice over?

A voice over is a spoken piece of audio that is used to educate or entertain an audience. This may be recorded in a professional home-based studio or at a recording studio. Often the voice over audio is used alongside visuals, footage, sound effects and music. There are a wide range of applications for voice overs including, but not limited to, TV commercials, web videos, promos, radio adverts, elearning and IVR/on hold phone messages.

Is a voiceover artist the same as a voice actor?

Technically, they're the same thing. You might see any combination of voice artist, voice actor, voiceover, voice over artist, voice talent, British female voice over or even voiceover performer. All these terms are interchangeable! 

What does a
actor do?

A voice actor uses their skills to add emotion, empathy and human connection to the words in a script or piece of copy.  They may use an accent that is different to their own, if required, or make their voice sound a different age. Their main role is to engage the viewer or listener, adding meaning or context to visuals and can be used to help educate, inform, entertain or convert an audience into clients or customers. As a British female voice over artist, I use different accents and styles of delivery to help lift your words off the page.

Why use a voice over?

People sell to people and a human voice can make powerful connections with the audience. When the right voice is chosen for your brand, it can invoke trust and create a lasting impression. It can also convey meaning in a way that invokes a range of emotions. A voice actor uses their skill to make people feel something; be it happy, sad, excited, inspired, motivated and more! As a British female voice over artist, I can also help explain complex ideas or processes to an audience and can help the viewer to follow a concept more easily.

Why should I work with you?

I've been a British female voice over actor for many years; my career started off in radio and television, but I also have experience of working in communications and marketing, so I understand the creative process and how to work with clients. I pride myself on exceptional customer care - I'll never leave a project until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. I absolutely love what I do, and I hope that you'll find working with me an easy and enjoyable process. 

You can read more about how to work with me and read testimonials from previous clients to check if we would be a good fit!

How much will it cost?

Every project and every client is unique - while there are general guidelines about how much a voice over will cost, I'd be delighted to chat through your project and find the most cost effective way to fulfil your needs!

What is your revision policy?

I am very flexible on revisions and am usually happy to include these in the original quote. I want you to be 100% happy with the final audio - after all, there's little point in hiring me if you cannot use the finished product! Even later down the line, and something changes, revisions can still be made.

However, please note that large script changes may incur additional fees. This will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Can I hear what you sound like first?

Sure! I'd recommend you do so you can make sure I'm the right British female voice over for your project.

You can download samples (corporate reel, commercial reel or character/accent reel) to send on to clients to help with the decision-making process. Individual samples of different styles of read can be downloaded, and you can view recent work samples

If you're still not sure I'm the right fit for your project, contact me for a no-commitment, free sample read.

How would you describe your voice?

I've lived in southern England all my life, so my accent could be described as neutral British/UK. Sometimes, it might be referred to as Received Pronunciation (RP) although I prefer "modern RP" as sometimes just RP can be thought of as a bit elite or ' posh' sounding - I definitely don't sound like royalty, although I can if you want me to! I can also do a range of other accents including general northern, Essex and a few others.

My voice has been described as quite deep, warm and friendly. 

How do you get into voice acting?

Voice acting is a competitive world and you'll need training and possibly some experience to succeed - even more important in this age of AI! There are hundreds of highly talented British female voice over artists all competing for the same business. 

You can find out about my journey into voice acting and read my blog about what it takes to be a voice actor. Or pop me an email - I'll happily give you as much information as I can.

Can you edit a video with your voice on it?

I am able to edit video and add my voice and music, yes. I also have experience of fitting my voice to hit certain points in a video (time syncing).

However, if you need something made from scratch or something that is quite technical, I would always recommend using a professional video editor.

I need a voice over urgently. Can you help?

Yes! With a background in news, I love a tight deadline! Of course, it does depend a bit on the nature of the work and how many other customers I'm working with at the time. But, if you need a voice over within a couple of hours, chances are I will be able to help.

Can you time your voice over to my video?

Yes! If you already have a video. I use industry standard software to help me ensure every time code is hit and my voice syncs with your video.

What do you need from me?

Well, it all starts with a script or piece of copy. Ideally, you'll supply this in a word document, although I can work with pdfs. A storyboard is useful, but not essential, as it helps give me some context to how the voice over will fit with the visuals. If you only have a storyboard, it would be hugely helpful to have the copy formatted into a word document, if possible. 

Please include as much detail as you can about your project. Specifically, I'll need to know:

  • How many words need to be recorded (or a rough estimate)

  • Where and how the voice over will be used - for example, is it a corporate read for a company. website, or a commercial for TV/radio. Please note that I expressly do not give consent for my voice to be used for any projects that involve cloning or AI modelling or learning.

  • How long will the voice over be used for?

  • Your budget or rough estimate - I am happy to negotiate the most cost effective solution for your project, although you can find more information about industry voice over rates at Gravy for the Brain. Please note this is a guide and rates can be further negotiated.

  • Your deadline - I am usually able to deliver within 24 hours, although this cannot be guaranteed. If you require express delivery, there may be a further charge for this.

  • Whether you need a directed session, or if you are happy for me to self-record your script.

  • The format in which you require the audio to be delivered - for example, wav or mp3. If you have a specific format requirement for IVR phone messages, please also confirm this.

  • If you'd like me to add music or sound effects to your recording, or you'd like me to time-sync to, for example, an existing video, please also let me know in your initial message as this may incur additional time and fees.

If you want me to sound a particular way, please do mention this as well. References to similar vocal deliveries or even previous work are really helpful, too.

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