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Elearning narration and voice over

A British female voice over can help learners engage with important training for your company

Elearning typically involves quite lengthy narration and needs to continue to engage listeners throughout.


Choosing the right voice for your company is important;  not only will the elearner's voice reflect your company's values, brand and ethos, it needs to be clear and convey complex information in a way that is easy to understand, particularly if your employees have English as a second language.


 Female voices are great option as they can be viewed as softer, more easygoing, trustworthy, and likable.

In 2023, Emma was presented with the prestigious One Voice Award for Elearning. This national awards ceremony attracted over 4000 entries, and Emma was chosen for the top accolade thanks to her natural, conversational delivery style which can ensure your employees maintain engagement and knowledge retention.


The following examples are from real life elearning courses Emma has narrated. 

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